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We can save your company considerable time and money and assist you in overcoming practical obstacles as you seek to expand your business in or into the Middle East or North Africa, or alternatively from the Middle East or North Africa into Europe.

We support you through every stage of establishing and expanding your business in a new region. This includes project identification, bringing your product to market, securing sales contracts and, if required, establishing a local presence and transferring managerial and technological know-how. Moreover, after having jointly assessed your regional strategy and needs, we identify reliable local partners and/or acquisition candidates, and negotiate with these parties on your behalf. Furthermore, we assist in creating innovative project structures and arranging financing for your projects.

We can assist your existing foreign based operations in maintaining or restoring an efficient and effective local operation through our knowledge of local business practices and our extensive international network.

Specific services offered include:

  • Definition of Marketing Strategies
  • Establishment of Local and Agency Networks
  • Project Identification
  • Tendering Strategies
  • Commercial Negotiations
  • Identification of Acquisition Targets
  • Business Plan Development
  • Project Financing
  • Joint Venture Partner Identification